Laura Malpique

Laura Malpique







Like bees but more,
power overall 
here we stay, further we go?
Could I ever leave?
Tell me one more god

higher, stronger
Homes made of shells
leave me alone
Give me one more wish

Let them die for me
Let them grow with me
I’ll do it once again
a gateway into heaven, a product
sweet deaths we became;

we domesticate - us
organised to whom?
disinfected of what?
(2,30x2,00x1,80 m) 2018.

Tropical cabin was a site specific installation,
part of the event Future Play.

The Anthropocene, man as one with nature, 
and playful art were the topics for Future play, 
realized around the Nieuwe Meer lake in 

My approach was to create a cabin where 
people could create their ideal environment, 
and drink the essence of nature. You could 
find the cabin in the middle of the forest, 
made of plastic and wood, with pipes coming 
off the top connecting it to trees, stones, 
earth, air and water. When entering, through 
a zipper door, you would find a water system 
with filters, oxygen and stones, connecting a 
big plastic ball where the pipes come in the 
space, to a glass bottle. On the sides, there 
was a computer and sound mixer, allowing 
people to mix their perfect natural sound – 
wind, rain, fire, waterfall, creeks... Also 
heaters, fans, UV light, instructions and a 
box for a payment.

The instructions guided people to pay 2 euros, 
so they could create their ideal environment 
and experience to drink the essence of nature 
collected on the glass bottle.

This project was based on a sentence I wrote 
before: “I would like to have a holiday on that 
tropical country with crocodiles, and swim 
on the swimming pool of my hotel.”

The idea was to try to sell nature as a product, 
when truth was that people left nature when 
entering my totally manmade and tropical cabin. 
The essence of nature was nothing else than 
water, the stones I used do not change its 
composition, neither the oxygen or the filters. 
It was a totally bullshit product, though very 
tempting to everyone passing.

Nowadays people search for nature through 
products, when nature is actually there for 
free and open to anyone. It is of course safer, 
more predictable and reassured, to visit 
nature through manmade means.
A Product, of What? 2018.

		"Earth tho change into daily living"
		Developing soil into manmade structures.

Challenging the traditional concept of ceramics as a fragile and static material. This 380kg sculpture can be moved by one individual, and therefore travel through Texel's landscapes.